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New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and over 23 million people reside in its metropolitan area. The city has some of the most iconic buildings including the Woolworth, Flatiron, Metropolitan Life Tower, Chrysler building and the New York Life building. The most famous vintage building in New York City is the Empire State. Located on the west side of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the skyscraper was completed in in 1931 for a cost of nearly $41 million dollars at the time. The Empire State was the tallest building in the world from its opening until 1970.

Elevator & Escalator Design & Consulting Services In New York City

Vertical transportation systems such as elevators and escalators are a critical part of the infrastructure of every building. Not only do they make it possible for tenants and visitors to get around with both convenience and safety, but such equipment also greatly helps create a positive perception of a building in the eyes of the public. Lerch Bates has over 70 years of experience working in the elevator/escalator consulting business. We have proudly offered our consultative services to the management of some of the most historic buildings in New York City. Our consultation has been utilized in the buildings of many industries including residential, hotel, retail, commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, government, stadiums, concert venues and many more. Lerch Bates is pleased to offer the following elevator/escalator consultation services:


Every building is unique and the design of its vertical transportation system should be too. The professionals at Lerch Bates understand the importance of joining beauty, utility, performance and efficiency into every one of our elevator/escalator design projects. We proudly offer the following design services:

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design
  • Design Change Evolution
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding & Negotiation Consulting
  • Start to Finish Project Management

Operations Management

It is a well-known fact that a high quality maintenance program is critically important in order to achieve the proper performance level and longevity of very expensive and complicated, vertical transportation systems. In addition to regular maintenance procedures, safety code and system upgrades require the assistance of the best qualified contractors in the industry. Lerch Bates specializes in assisting building management teams implement and manage and these very important vendor service relationships.

  • Maintenance Agreement Services
  • Contractor Oversight Services
  • Asset Management Services

Modernization Services

After thousands of hours of use, even the best vertical transportation equipment will need to be replaced. In addition, as advancements in equipment technology evolve, it is increasingly difficult to sustain out of date systems. Replacing complex, vertical transportation equipment is very complicated and disruptive to building staff, visitors and tenants. The experienced experts at Lerch Bates can provide the consultation needed to maximize the efficiency of each phase of a modernization project.

  • Requirements Capture & Design Services
  • Bid, Negotiation & Award Services
  • Construction Administration Services

Since 1947, many clients have become our valued friends. Lerch Bates consultants are employee owners who share their expertise and innovation. Our Senior Consultants average 25 years of experience