We've Moved!

Effective May 1, 2016 our new Headquarters Office address is…

9780 S. Meridian Boulevard, Suite 450
Englewood, CO 80112

Our main office number remains the same at 303.795.7956

Baku Flame Towers

Baku, Azerbaijan

CMA Tower

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sai Wan Terrace

Hong Kong, China

LA Live

Los Angeles, California

VTB Arena

Moscow, Russia

Welcome to LERCH BATES -- Global leaders in technical consulting for the building industry.

Our 65 year reputation as the leader in elevator and escalator, horizontal and vertical transportation consulting may have brought you to this site. We welcome this opportunity to tell you about the exciting work we are currently doing and share with you the full range of Lerch Bates solutions.
Lerch Bates is a global consulting firm that understands the way people interact with buildings and how all of a building’s systems come together to enhance its overall use and effectiveness.  We use this insight to advise on all facets of elevator and escalator consulting, vertical and horizontal transportation, logistics and facade access.

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US Headquarters

PH: 303.795.7956
FX: 303.797.7109

8089 S. Lincoln Street
Suite 300
Littleton, Colorado 80122
United States

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Global Leaders In
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How Can We Help You?