Specialized Expertise That Maximizes Performance, Safety and Value

Get Answers to Your Building’s Most Complex Technical Challenges

We ensure that your buildings perform so that the people and businesses within them thrive. Our expertise areas cover critical technical systems both inside and out of your building. From moving people, materials and products in, through and out of your building to the complex enclosure and facade design and access—

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Vertical transportation

Rely on the Industry Leader in Vertical Transportation

From the highest-profile towers and campus complexes to single hotel or office building, our elevator and escalator consulting is backed by unmatched experience and a trusted reputation by clients and vendors alike. See how we can help you reduce total project cost in modernizations, realize your vision in design, or transform your maintenance.

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Move Material and Products More Efficiently

Minimize your costs and maximize productivity with an integrated approach to anything that moves in, through and out of your building. We are a single, integrated source for operational assessments, programming and design of supply chain management and “back of house” support services.

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Enclosures & structures

Minimize Liability for Your Building’s Exterior and Structure

Lower your risk, time and cost with a single, integrated source for all six sides of your building’s enclosure. Our comprehensive approach to enclosure design, enclosure engineering and facade access mitigate risk, whether you’re in design, construction, rehabilitating or modernizing your structure.

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Investigate With Impartial, Industry-Respected Experts

We investigate complex failures for a wider range of services than most. This breadth, which goes beyond just litigation or appraisals, helps us determine realistic repair options that we can design ourselves. See how our forensic engineering consultants have built a reputation for thorough, impartial and balanced investigations.

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Facade Equipment Services

Ensure Safe Building Maintenance Systems

Prevent failures in your exterior building maintenance systems with comprehensive inspections, testing, certification, maintenance, and repairs from the industry’s most responsive service provider. Our focus is your safety, from our experience with all major systems to our rigor in compliance.

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The Full Lifecycle

Looking for Long-Term Value?

Make strategic decisions for your building’s future. As forensic and maintenance experts we can help you plan better for what lies ahead. Find out how you can save by utilizing our full lifecycle of services.

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