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Work with technical experts with reliable insight on risks and returns

With so many moving parts in orchestrating a successful project, you need a technical partner who does more than mitigate risks. Lerch Bates acts as a trusted advisor with insight into each option’s related risks and potential returns. Lerch Bates provides multiple technical specialties under a single, well-coordinated umbrella so you can minimize bottlenecks and understand big-picture impacts more clearly.

    • A 75-year history of good service
    • Special expertise in healthcare and hospitality facilities

    • 35 years of industry leadership
    • We combine facade design with facade access design
    • Proactive risk assessments paired with creative solutions
    • Experience in nearly every building type
    • A coordinated approach to operational assessments, programming and design
    • The best at providing safety at all heights
    • 30 years of facade equipment maintenance

I don’t worry when Lerch Bates is on the project because then it’s going to be done right. They’re going to meet the deadlines, there is a certainty with them that isn’t always guaranteed with others.

We can help you at any stage of your building’s life

Whether you’re designing new or focusing on adaptive reuse, Lerch Bates gives you specialty technical expertise for the unique challenges of every building stage. The insights we glean from maintenance, forensics and renovation help us guide you to the best decisions in development.

We’re a partner on some of the world’s most high-profile projects.

Beyond our technical expertise, we’re sought after by developers for our reputation as committed advocates, team players, and industry experts. See how we’ve helped amazing projects happen.

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