Enjoy the Ride as an Employee-Owner at Lerch Bates


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Amanda McConnell, Communications & Marketing Manager

"As an ESOP, we're big on the "ownership mindset", which usually means high quality client deliverables. For me, a mother of an infant and a toddler, ownership is the empowerment to prioritize my homelife while still enjoying a challenging career. Ownership for me is that ideal work/life balance that I've never experienced anywhere else."

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Eric Rupe, President

"If you're interested in a place that will provide you with autonomy, authority and empowerment to make good decisions for our org and improve outcomes for our clients every day - this is the place where you can do that."

Eric Rupe

Francisco Reina, Senior Specialist

"The benefit of working here is that the job is really cool; the work is really cool. Working in both the field and the office gives me that good split. The field work is technical and I enjoy that and it can also be physical. There are always aspects of the work that are ever-evolving."

Francisco Reina

Enjoy the Ride

At Lerch Bates, we embrace the saying “Enjoy the Ride” to encapsulate the fact that while we’re all here to perform a job, there’s much more that goes into our work-life wellness. We’re employee-owners who are invested – literally – in the company’s performance, but we know it’s the overall feeling we take away from the ride we’re on that impacts our engagement and longevity as teammates. Enjoy the ride and the rest will follow.


Core Values

We live into values that support stronger partnerships, long-term relationships and consistent excellence.

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As employee owners, we prioritize personal initiative, responsibility and accountability.

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By the Numbers

Don’t take our word for it, check out these statistics from our annual engagement survey for a real testament to our culture:

Benefits Include:

99% of employee-owners

state they live the LB Core Values

85% of employee-owners

feel the company cares about their concerns, health and wellbeing

93% of employee-owners

believe learning is an important objective in our day-to-day work

97% of employee-owners

feel their peers are highly engaged

82% of employee-owners

agree LB leadership practices what it preaches

89% of employee-owners

would continue working at Lerch Bates, even if given another offer

97% of employee-owners

believe they can make a positive impact at work

80% of employee-owners

agree that people work like they are part of a team

88% of employee-owners

feel that they can talk to their managers about matters of concern

86% of employee-owners

state they are complimented and given constructive feedback

Employee Resource Groups

In addition to our comprehensive benefits package, Lerch Bates supports its employee-owners with a number of internal resource groups aimed to create community in a digital world.


Belonging Group

The Belonging Group exists to create and maintain a workplace that encourages education and open mindedness with regards to employees’ unique qualities, ideas and backgrounds, in order to continue to build a future of inclusion and equity.


ESOP Committee

The ESOP Committee helps educate fellow employee-owners on the benefits of being part of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and acts as custodians for the culture of ESOPs. The ESOP Committee celebrates the ESOP and its incredible impact on Lerch Bates employee-owners and their families.


Women+’s Impact Network

Lerch Bates’ Women Impact Network + is an inclusive community that exists to empower woman employee-owners in leadership through allyship, advocacy, collaboration, mentorship and professional growth.

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