Vertical Transportation Design

Ensuring Your Elevators and Escalators Are Valuable Assets

Vertical Transportation Design

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What is Vertical Transportation Design?

Vertical transportation (VT) systems, such as elevators and escalators, are a vital asset in any building. Vertical transportation elements are highly visible, meaning a well-designed elevator or escalator can serve as a cornerstone for a truly beautiful building. Not only do VT elements serve your building’s design, but they also serve an important purpose in helping everyone, from visitors to owners to tenants, navigate your building quickly and efficiently.

Vertical transportation design is the process of designing elevators and escalators, taking into consideration peak traffic patterns, capacity handling, average wait time, mixed use and priority services requirements, average time to destination, and future populations in your building.

At Lerch Bates, we have decades of experience designing first-class vertical transportation. We know the ins and outs of vertical transportation design, and we have the technical expertise to ensure your VT systems are well-designed, up-to-date, and optimized to last.

Our experienced team of professionals can assist you with design, construction, maintenance, and modernization of your elevators and escalators. We work with a wide variety of building types in a multitude of industries, and we are always ready to get to work on a new and exciting project.

If you are interested in our extensive and innovative vertical transportation design services, we encourage you to learn more and get in touch with our expert consultants. No matter the project, you are in safe hands with the professionals at Lerch Bates.


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Vertical Transportation Design for High-Rise Buildings

Vertical transportation system design is a key factor in the success of high-rise buildings. The occupants of a high-rise building depend on the efficiency and reliability of the building’s vertical transportation systems. When designing an elevator for a high-rise, it is crucial to consider wait times, occupancy levels, aesthetic requirements, capacity, and available space while maximizing efficiency, energy consumption, and cost-effectiveness.




The design experts at Lerch Bates have years of professional experience designing efficient and beautiful VT solutions for a variety of residential buildings. Our first-class work is apparent in the wide variety of projects we work on, from designing a bank of 15 elevators in a 76-story mixed-use tower in New York to modernizing passenger elevators in Chicago’s Old Post Office. Our design experts know what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind vertical transportation experience that will not only operate smoothly and efficiently, but also leave tenants and visitors in awe.

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At Lerch Bates, we know the power of first-class vertical transportation. Providing a smooth and efficient transportation experience to your visitors or tenants will put you in a class above the rest. Our vertical transportation design solutions are comprehensive and effective, ensuring your project is a success. Lerch Bates is a distinguished, employee-owned brand with a focus on quality and integrity. Our extensive history of successful projects sets us apart as an innovative vertical transportation consultant. If you need trusted, technical expertise for one of your projects, we encourage you to learn more about our services or get in touch with our team of experts.