Lerch Bates Expands Offerings; Unveils New Brand Identity to Kick Off 75th Anniversary Celebration

Lerch Bates Celebrating 75 Years
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Lerch Bates Celebrating 75 Years
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(Denver, Colo.) Jan. 13, 2022 — Ahead of the company’s 75th anniversary in Nov. 2022, Lerch Bates today unveiled a new brand identity to reflect its recent growth and expanded offerings following multiple acquisitions in recent years. The new logo’s use of “LB Bright Green” is a nod to the organization’s commitment to sustainability in its projects, partnerships and internal practices.

Watch a recording of the live announcement on LinkedIn here.

“In 1947 our founder, Charles W. Lerch, incorporated the first elevator consultancy, Charles W. Lerch & Associates. Since that day, we’ve embraced our entrepreneurial roots with innovative solutions that help our clients optimize a building’s performance,” said Bart Stephan, CEO of Lerch Bates. “Seventy-five years later, we continue to innovate and evolve. Today we celebrate our 75th year of incredible partnerships with not just a new logo, but new integrated specialties and multidisciplinary services that will propel us into the next chapter of Lerch Bates legacy.”

Lerch Bates’s technical expertise in vertical transportation and logistics remains unsurpassed, while recent acquisitions have expanded the company’s expertise in the areas of forensic investigation and enclosures & structures, including enclosure design, enclosure engineering and enclosure access design.

“Lerch Bates simplifies the path to expert technical solutions for the built environment anywhere in the world,” said Eric Rupe, President of Lerch Bates. “From risk to ROI, schedule to sustainability, our suite of services helps our clients and partners plan the future of their building at every phase of the structure’s lifecycle. As your partner in finding the best technical outcomes for your project, we ensure functionality, safety and value work together.”

Lerch Bates’s recent acquisitions, including Pie Engineering & Consulting and Axis Facades, increased headcount by more than 30 percent at the 100 percent employee-owned company while revenue grew by 41 percent in recent years.


Amanda McConnell
Marketing Manager

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