Frank Fang presents at ‘Zero Carbon’ Academic Forum of China High Rise Building Committee


Frank Fang, Managing Director – China, recently presented the business case for holistic lifecycle vertical transportation portfolio management at the Zero Carbon Academic Forum hosted by the China High Rise Building Committee. As the only company that provides consulting for the entire lifecycle of buildings, attendees found the Lerch Bates presentation to be innovative and impressive.

“Lerch Bates works with our clients to assess the maintenance and repair needs of their elevator and escalator equipment for the long-term,” said Fang. “Planning for longevity reduces the environmental impact of vertical transportation equipment with increased functionality and extended asset lifecycle.”

Fang’s presentation, “Sustainable Operation Management of Vertical Transportation in High-rise Buildings” discussed how vertical transportation can reduce carbon emissions through sustainable design and management for the entire lifecycle of a building. Fang shared iconic Lerch Bates projects including new buildings and existing buildings, inspiring developers to rethink how they can maximize the returns of their existing assets through sustainable design while contributing towards a carbon-zero and more sustainable future.

The forum was held at East China Architectural Design and Research Institute (ECADI). ECADI, WSP, ARUP, Tongji University, and other members with broad experience in high-rise project participated in the forum and more than 10,000 people watched the live broadcast online.

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