LB Insights: What are the Tangible ROIs of Building Logistics?

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by David Oettinger, National Practice Leader – Building Logistics

Are there tangible returns on investment for spending design and construction dollars on Building Logistics? Absolutely! Here are some key areas where ROI can be realized:

👍 Space utilization optimization – Maximize valuable building space, minimize excess square footage.

👍 Workflow efficiency enhancement – Reduce labor hours and increase material throughput.

👍 Increase employee productivity – Less time spent navigating buildings to manage and find supplies.

👍 Sustainability advancement – Reduce operating costs while promoting environmental stewardship.

👍 Safety and code compliance – Meet regulatory standards and prevent fines and legal liabilities.

The return on investment (ROI) for good building logistics design can be substantial, as it directly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of operations within a building or facility. This applies to new design, modernization, or adaptive reuse projects.


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