LB Insights: 8 Questions to Ask When Designing a Loading Dock

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by David Oettinger

The loading dock is an essential piece of infrastructure for many facilities.

Designing one properly is important for the efficient flow of materials in and out of a building. Here are 8 questions you should ask when planning a new loading dock. 🚚

1️⃣ What functions will the dock need to serve?
2️⃣ Will the dock combine shipping and receiving into one area?
3️⃣ Are there special considerations for the handling of waste and recycling on the dock?
4️⃣ How many trucks can be expected to use the dock each day?
5️⃣ How many dock positions will be needed to accommodate daily loading / unloading?
6️⃣ How will trucks access the dock?
7️⃣ What types of truck are expected to use the dock?
8️⃣ What types of equipment will be needed for the dock?

Whether your project has a single loading dock or multiple loading docks, the Building Logistics consulting group at Lerch Bates can provide design assistance to ensure proper dock efficiency and functionality. Click Let’s Talk below to contact our team today.

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