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Plan strategically for the future of your portfolio

Your success relies on trustworthy information about your building systems so you can plan, budget, and execute maintenance and modernization activities. As technical partners with experience in the full lifecycle of all building types, we do more than present you with options. We provide insights that create lasting value for your client.

    • 75 years of leadership in vertical transportation
    • Special expertise in healthcare and hospitality facilities
    • 35 years of industry leadership
    • Combined expertise in facade design and facade access design
    • Experience in nearly every building type
    • A coordinated approach to operational assessments, programming and design
    • Proven leadership in safety at all heights
    • 30 years of facade equipment maintenance
    • Impartial, industry-respected expertise

Lerch Bates provides a deeper level of visibility into the condition, longevity and maintenance of our technical systems, from elevators to facades. With reliable due diligence, we can plan on the business side.

-Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Investing & Multifamily Asset Management Company

We help you at any stage of your building’s lifespan

At Lerch Bates, you can find specialty technical expertise for the unique challenges of every building stage, from predesign and construction to maintenance, forensics or renovation. With that level of insight, it’s easy to ensure the decisions you make today will be right for tomorrow.

We find value for all types of real estate portfolios.

From billion-dollar commercial portfolios to some of the largest multifamily portfolios in the US, Lerch Bates’ due diligence has been critical to capital planning efforts around the globe. See how we find value for portfolios like yours.


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