Proudly Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence In the Built Industry

A Story of Entrepreneurial Spirit and Vision

When Charles Lerch created the first independent elevator consulting firm 75 years ago, he didn’t anticipate 2,717 ft.-high towers in Dubai or traveling at 10m/s. But he recognized a need within his client base as an elevator mechanic and set out to meet that need – beginning the client-first mindset we carry on today. Dynamic changes in building technology and construction followed, especially as the demands on a building’s ability to easily and efficiently flow around its users increased. Our deep roots as trusted technical experts with an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for fast problem-solving were established, and we grew right alongside the building industry.

Today, the legacy of Charles Lerch and his successor, Quent Bates, lives on as the most trusted brand for building insight: Lerch Bates. Our offices and capabilities around the world bring industry-leading expertise and technology to a far wider range of challenges, but our commitment to client service remains the same.

“We’re built upon a rich legacy of integrity and technical leadership.”

For more than 75 years, a culture of partnership, technical expertise and responsive service has defined our firm. We are proud of the way that our founders’ integrity and optimism shapes who we are today.

Bart Stephan, CEO

We Are Always
Making History


C.W. Lerch Co.

Charles W. Lerch starts an elevator maintenance and repair business in Chicago, C.W. Lerch Co. He adds elevator consulting in response to client requests, establishing the first-ever elevator consultancy in the U.S.


V. Quentin Bates

V. Quentin Bates joins C. W. Lerch Co. and both men commit to full time elevator consulting. They move the new firm to Denver.


Lerch Bates & Associates

The company is incorporated as Lerch Bates & Associates.


Building Boom Expansion

Lerch Bates grows to multiple offices and adds building logistics consulting to its offerings with a special focus on the healthcare industry.


Growing Abroad

Lerch Bates expands into Europe with an office in London.


ESOP Established

Mr. Bates establishes an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).


First Acquisitions

Lerch Bates acquires Citadel and adds facade access to its technical offerings, and acquires a hospital specialization group to support its Building Logistics practice.


100% Employee-Owned

Lerch Bates officially becomes 100% employee-owned via its ESOP.



Lerch Bates & Associates becomes Lerch Bates Inc.


Europe & NYC Acquisitions

Lerch Bates acquires a testing and inspections firm in NYC to meet the specialized needs of clients within the NYC jurisdiction and Dewar Partnership in the U.K., further expanding its international operations.


Acquisition of PIE

Lerch Bates acquires Pie Consulting & Engineering, expanding its Building Logistics and Vertical Transportation focus into Enclosures & Structures and Forensics.


More Acquisitions

Three smaller companies are added to the Lerch Bates brand, further expanding coverage in the Americas with expertise in five specialty areas.


75 Years

Lerch Bates celebrates 75 years of technical excellence and launches new multidisciplinary focus to clients.


Sidewalk to Seat

Lerch Bates adds new services for pedestrian circulation, allowing clients to see the flow of people through their building from sidewalk to seat.

Pedestrian Circulation Mapping

...& Beyond

Lerch Bates will continue its dedication to its clients with trusted technical expertise and an ownership mindset delivered by 400+ employee-owners around the world.

Lerch Bates Locations Map