Vertical Transportation

Ensuring Your Lifts and Escalators Are Valuable Assets

Vertical Transportation

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Lifts and escalators are one of the most visible and highly utilised assets in your building. Your CAPEX and OPEX spending can be ruined or restored by how efficiently they are designed, managed and maintained. Everyone, from owners to tenants, measures the quality of your building based on lift performance.

Lerch Bates specialises in lift and escalator consulting at any point in your building’s life, from design and construction through asset management and modernisation.

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Offering Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Building’s Lifecycle



We optimise core utilisation, ensure implementation goes smoothly, and help you plan for and prevent future problems. Our recommendations consider peak traffic patterns, average wait time, capacity handling, average time to destination, mixed use and priority services requirements, and assumptions about future populations in your building. Click here to learn more about our vertical transportation design services or here to learn about our Pedestrian Circulation services.



We develop scaled final drawings, performance-based equipment specification and a preventative maintenance agreement. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver the best lift contractor for your needs. Our services include bid management, award recommendation and contract support recommendations. We provide submittal review and approval, jobs reports and progress meetings, and final project review and punch list. Click here to learn more about our vertical transportation construction consulting services.


Repair + Modernise

Modernisation ‘resets’ your equipment lifecycle and extends the life of your asset for another 20-25 years. We deliver services that ensure your upgrade is delivered on time, on budget and at the highest quality standards while disrupting the day-to-day activities in your building as little as possible. Click here to learn more about our vertical transportation modernisation services.

“I was faced with the option of making a $20k upgrade or a $800k rehab to my lift problem and wasn’t sure which was the right one for our organisation. Lerch Bates helped me discern the right choice given all the factors.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vertical transportation consultancy? As a vertical transportation consultancy we provide specialised lift and escalator services. With things such as design, construction, safety compliance, energy efficiency and modernisation, a vertical transportation consultancy helps maintain one of the most important assets of any building.


Why do I need a vertical transportation consultant?  Lifts and escalators are one of the most visible and highly utilised assets in any building. Vertical transportation consultancy services are valuable for anyone who wants to ensure that their lifts and escalators are safe, efficient and compliant with regulations. Consultants offer their expertise to optimise your vertical transportation systems