Vertical Transportation Modernisation Consulting

Ensuring Your Lifts and Escalators Are Valuable Assets

Vertical Transportation Modernisation Consulting

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Vertical Transportation Modernisation Consulting

Vertical transportation (VT) systems, such as lifts and escalators, are vital aspects of any building. Most VT elements are highly visible, and they are crucial for quickly and successfully traveling a structure. As a result, a well-designed escalator or lift may serve as the basis for a gorgeous and accessible work of architecture. Not only can well-designed vertical transportation components add to the beauty of your building, but they can also make it easier to traverse for everyone from tenants to visitors.

Vertical transportation modernisation is the process of upgrading VT elements to renew their lifespan. An lift or escalator that undergoes modernisation can last 20-25 years longer than it would before the process is completed. A modernisation consultant ensures upgrades are delivered on time, within the budget, and at the highest possible quality. At Lerch Bates, our elevator and escalator modernization consultants have decades of experience providing VT consulting services, and they can provide first-class services for your next project.

If you are curious about our extensive vertical transportation modernisation services, we encourage you to learn more and get in touch with our expert consultants. No matter the size or scope your project, the professionals at Lerch Bates are ready to bring your vertical transportation modernisation ideas to life.

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Vertical Transportation Repair Consulting

Vertical transportation systems must be well-maintained to ensure a long lifespan. At Lerch Bates, our experienced consultants at Lerch Bates know the importance of lift and escalator repair to this process. Lerch Bates consultants use their expertise in the vertical transportation field to form a detailed plan and arrange the implementation of important VT projects, such as lift modernisation or escalator repair. During this process, Lerch Bates consultants consider factors such as reliability of the equipment, expectations for the elevator systems, consequences of demolition or construction, efficiency, and any factors that may change during vertical transportation repair.



The repair and modernisation consultants at Lerch Bates have years of experience providing first-rate solutions for a wide variety of residential buildings. Our exceptional work is apparent in the variety of projects we work on, from repairing and renovating lifts at the University of Texas Medical Branch to arranging the installation of new passenger lifts in Chicago’s Old Post Office. Our VT modernisation specialists understand what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind vertical transportation experience that will not only run smoothly and effectively, but will also give your building a new life.

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At Lerch Bates, we know the power of first-class vertical transportation. Providing a smooth and efficient transportation experience to your visitors or tenants will put you in a class above the rest. Our vertical transportation design solutions are comprehensive and effective, ensuring your project is a success. Lerch Bates is a distinguished, employee-owned brand with a focus on quality and integrity. Our extensive history of successful projects sets us apart as an innovative vertical transportation consultant. If you need trusted, technical expertise for one of your projects, we encourage you to learn more about our services or get in touch with our team of experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my lift or escalator needs modernisation? There are several signs that you can look for to determine whether your vertical transportation assets need modernisation. Frequent breakdowns, slow operation, outdated technology, poor energy efficiency or negative user feedback are all signals that your lift or escalator  may need updating.


Why should I consider vertical transportation modernisation?  There are many benefits to modernising your vertical transportation assets, including improved safety, smoother operation, increased energy efficiency and a 20-25 year lifespan extension for your lift or escalator. Modernisation can also help upgrade the aesthetics of your building. Lifts and escalators are highly visible and highly utilised assets, modernising these can give your building’s look an upgrade.