Building Logistics

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Building Logistics

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A Better Bottom Line

Smart, fast, and lean logistics solutions increase efficiency, reduce labor and improve bottom lines. Our integrated approach draws on methods like lean design, evidence-based design, and acuity-adaptable design to find the best options for your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Facility master planning
  • Concept and feasibility studies (SD through CA design)
  • Bid assistance
  • Basis of design / design brief reports and simulations
  • 2D CAD and 3D Revit drawings
  • Equipment specifications

Industries Served:

  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Mixed-use high-rise buildings
  • Industrial (manufacturing, production, warehouse)
  • Convention centres
  • Sports stadiums
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Corporate campuses

 2021/12/logistics_photo_2x-1-e1641874278481.jpg Services

Architectural, Operational and Organisational Systems for Critical Support Areas


Loading Docks

The central hub of a facility for receiving goods and dispatching materials and solid waste.

  • Complete dock planning and design
  • Operational surveys and analysis
  • Equipment selection
  • Truck turn studies / vehicle access and maneuverability simulation


Materials Handling & Distribution

Automated and manual systems for transporting materials within a facility.

  • Master transport planning for people, equipment, and materials
  • Operational / labor analysis and programming
  • Lifecyle cost analysis of automatic materials handling systems
  • Healthcare sterile processing
  • Pneumatic tube systems
  • Pneumatic gravity chutes
  • Automated transport systems
  • Manual and automated handling and storage techniques


Materials Management

The receipt of supplies, storage, and distribution from the loading dock to the point of use in a facility.

  • Purchasing, receiving, stocking, and distributing materials for bulk storage, linens, and purchasing
  • Master planning for space requirements, functional programming, and adjacency studies
  • System audits, modernisation studies, material flow analysis and efficiency evaluations
  • Labor analysis and equipment planning


Waste Management

Collection, transport, processing, and removal of recycling, organics, regulated medical waste, trash, etc.

  • Master planning for space, circulation, and disposal of solid waste
  • Design of central waste collection, sorting, and processing facilities
  • Recycling program design and modernisation
  • Waste composition audits and studies
  • Equipment ‘right-sizing’ and selection
  • Management of solid waste hauler invoices
  • Negotiate or re-negotiate service and market contracts


Hospitals, Medical Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Medical Office Buildings

  • Specialised waste handling for regulated medical waste, hazardous waste, chemical/radioactive waste, pharmaceutical waste
  • Sterile processing departmental programming, equipment planning and design
  • Environmental services / linen department programming, planning and design

“Lerch Bates understands the way buildings interact with people and how building systems come together to enhance overall use and effectiveness.”