History of Lerch Bates

Our history reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and the vision of our founders – Charles Lerch and Quentin Bates, as well as their interest in contributing to the dynamic changes in building technology and construction since 1947.

In 1947, our founder, Charles Lerch left Otis Elevator Co. to strike out on his own doing maintenance and repairs as C. W. Lerch Co. in Chicago. Always focused on client needs, he added elevator consulting as a side business in response to client requests.
Quentin Bates knew the reputation of Charles Lerch and actively sought an opportunity to work together. Quentin Bates left Haughton Elevators in 1964 to join Lerch and both men committed to full time elevator consulting. The firm moved its headquarters to Denver, Colorado in the same year. In 1974, the company was incorporated as Lerch Bates & Associates. By the 80’s building boom, Lerch Bates had 15 offices throughout North America. In 1984, the Healthcare group was added, now known as the Logistics Group. In 1985, the Facade Access Consulting Group was added.

As they say – the rest is history. Or more accurately, we are still creating our history. Since our founding in 1947 as the first independent elevator consulting firm in the US, we have added offices and capabilities around the world, bringing industry leading expertise and technology to our work with clients on diverse and challenging projects. Our influence as innovators of design concepts is seen as many of our “firsts” have become industry standards that can be recognized in many of the world’s tallest buildings.
In 1986, Lerch Bates became an employee owned consulting firm. Much like the early days, each employee/owner takes an entrepreneur's interest in providing the service, quality and ingenuity our clients expect and deserve. We are always making history. Read more about our influence around the world. 


Employee Review
"A great group of specialized and talented people with varied backgrounds and focused leadership. A great place for the self-motivated with a positive world view"