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About Isaac

Isaac Rafael Peña specializes in elevator services consulting in Lerch Bates’s Tampa office. With a varied background in high-rise markets such as Miami, Tampa, and the Fort Myers region in Florida, I aim to deliver world-class services to our valued customers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Elevator maintenance, analysis, modernization, repair, new installations, insurance reviews, safety specifications, and adherence to elevator codes.

Related Experience

  • Multi-Platform Expertise: I specialize in troubleshooting elevator systems across various platforms, including Otis, Schindler, Thyssen, and Kone, and I demonstrate proficiency in diverse elevator technologies.
  • Traffic Analysis Reports: Conducted traffic analysis reports for customers with concerns related to under-elevated buildings and ride quality
  • Exemplary proficiency in addressing water damages caused by hurricanes, particularly in the context of elevator equipment. Demonstrated expertise in overseeing extensive projects exceeding $1 million, coupled with advanced capabilities in collaborating with insurance providers and formulating comprehensive elevator proposals. Possess in-depth knowledge of FEMA flood plain regulations, enhancing effectiveness in navigating and managing projects within the regulatory framework.
  • (PMT) Physical Measure Technologies to determine the root cause of vibrations affecting elevator ride quality. This process involves identifying whether the issues stem from the (DBG) Distance Between Guides of the rails, geared machine worm problems, rope equalization concerns, or acceleration and deceleration speeds.
  • Nitro Clean: Performed Nitro Clean procedures on generators and re-insulated gearless and geared applications.
  • Conducting Elevator Preventive Maintenance (PM) Audits: Our quality audits focus on elevator maintenance services, ensuring that elevator companies are adhering to the highest standards. We assess whether your elevator system is being maintained correctly, aiming to optimize its life cycle and ensure the peak performance of your equipment.


  • University of Miami, Miami FL
    • Currently Studying Science in Computer Engineering
  • NEIEP – National Elevator Industry
    • Educational Program Certified Mechanic
      • CC, CET, QEI

Office Location

Tampa, FL

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