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Vertical Transportation

As urban landscapes evolve, so does the need for modernized elevator systems that can keep up with technological advancements and user expectations for safety. In New York City, the regulatory landscape for elevators will undergo significant changes with the implementation of the Unintended Car Movement Protection code as defined by Section 2.19.2 of ASME A17.1.

ASME A17.3-2002, Appendix K, Chapter K3, Section Single plunger brakes. (a) All existing traction elevators with single plunger breaks must comply with either of the following by January 1 2027: (1) Alteration of single plunger assemblies to dual-plunger type, or (2) Compliance with Unintended Car Movement Protection as specified by Section 2.19.2 of ASME A17.1.

Lerch Bates, the global leader in elevator consulting, specializes in comprehensive vertical transportation management, including modernization solutions, to ensure you’re not caught out of compliance. Projects like these take time, and while 2027 may sound far away, NYC maintenance and modernization service provider schedules are already jam packed. Reach out to us today for help with:

    1. Confirming if your elevator units are or are not in compliance with the Unintended Car Movement code
    2. Understanding what steps need to be taken for out-of-compliance elevator units
    3. Planning adequate time for maintenance or modernization
    4. Communicating and coordinating your needs to your service provider
    5. Understanding your maintenance contract parameters with the code updates in mind
    6. Ensuring you’re charged fairly for any required updates that fall outside your regular maintenance contract

Compliance Assessment and Planning:
Lerch Bates consultants can conduct thorough assessments of existing elevator systems to identify areas that require upgrades or modifications to comply with the new regulations. They can help develop a customized plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve compliance while considering the unique needs of each building.

Modernization and Upgrades:
For buildings with older elevator systems, Lerch Bates can provide expert guidance on elevator modernization strategies. They can help identify outdated components, propose energy-efficient solutions and implement upgrades that align with the new regulations while enhancing overall elevator performance.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support:
Lerch Bates Solutions™ provides our clients with ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that elevators remain in compliance with all requirements, including the new Unintended Car Movement code. Our current Solutions™ clients are ahead of the game with up to date information from their latest Lerch Bates assessment. Through our regular inspections, and ongoing maintenance programs and performance evaluations, we help building owners and property managers ensure the continued safety and efficiency of their elevator systems.

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