Lerch Bates and eMCP Form Exclusive Partnership

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The partnership will deliver advanced vertical transportation maintenance tasking and tracking technology support for the global building industry


(DENVER, CO) April 22, 2021 — Lerch Bates Inc., headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, has entered an exclusive partnership with eMCP, LLC to deliver advanced vertical transportation maintenance tasking and tracking technology support for the global building industry. Principals of Lerch Bates and eMCP have entered into this exclusivity agreement with the intent to positively influence the service segment of the Vertical Transportation Industry with an eye toward future market segment opportunities.

The two firms recognize there is a need for transparent, code compliant, quality vertical transportation maintenance tasking and tracking. This service will provide clients with safe, highly reliable vertical transportation equipment operation, while intelligently overseeing capital asset expenditures. The combined service will be available to developers, building investors, owners, and managers through Lerch Bates Solutions™.

Lerch Bates Solutions™ was developed to assist the global building industry with advanced, proactive maintenance programs for elevators, escalators, and moving walks of all varieties and types. Lerch Bates Solutions™ provides comprehensive maintenance oversight designed to ensure the highest levels of contractor performance, operating expense control and key performance tracking. The program is structured as a multi-tiered collaboration between Building Owners /Operators, Lerch Bates, eMCP and vertical transportation industry partners. Lerch Bates Solutions™ produces a detailed and highly prescriptive means to complete maintenance activities while delivering full transparency in reporting and recording code compliant maintenance activities.

The collaboration between Lerch Bates and eMCP will blend the innovative technology developed by eMCP™ with Lerch Bates Solutions™ and the marketing and consulting channels of Lerch Bates’ more than 200 global Consultants. This enables both organizations to highlight their strengths and enhance their areas of focus. Both organizations have found success independently and believe together they will provide their clients with a transformative approach to Vertical Transportation maintenance.

About Lerch Bates

Lerch Bates was founded in 1947 and are considered global leaders in technical consulting for the built environment. For more than 74 years, with elevator consulting as its cornerstone, Lerch Bates has advised architects, developers, building investors, owners and managers on the design, sustainability and continuous use of a wide spectrum of Building Systems (elevators, escalators, façade access equipment and building logistics processes & equipment) for any size or type of building. Additionally, Lerch Bates is a leading global provider of a comprehensive and diverse range of Building Enclosure engineering, rehabilitative design, consulting, enclosure commissioning (BECx), construction management, and field performance testing services.  Lerch Bates, headquartered in metropolitan Denver, is an international consulting services firm with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and India. For more information, visit www.lerchbates.com.

About eMCP, LLC

eMCP, LLC was formed in 2015 to produce a more proactive, accountable, and transparent management approach for vertical transportation maintenance. eMCP™ is an electronic Maintenance Control Program required by and providing full compliance to the A17.1/B44 Safety Code for Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, and Dumbwaiters in the United States and Canada and any Standard or Norm in the rest of the world. The patent pending eMCP™ technology is used to generate the maintenance control program, then provide secured recording of task completion of vertical transportation maintenance tasks, testing, repair, replacement, alteration and other required records. This provides asset owners, consultants and contractors with many new capabilities; the ability to monitor equipment maintenance status in real time, for the first time have access to owner-centric key performance indicators and generate many reports for direct management use. Since 2015, eMCP™ has been used by Building Owners, Universities, Governments, and Contractors which has led to improved bidding processes, superior maintenance with significant reductions of service calls (callbacks), and real accountability for all parties. For more information, visit www.e-mcp.com.

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