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About Andrew

Andrew Atkins, Project Manager, has 12 years of experience in the structural design of commercial buildings, including award-winning educational, historic preservation, healthcare projects, and corporate projects. His past work includes large replacement hospitals in high seismic zones, small additions, and retrofits of existing structures, as well as nonbuilding structures. Andrew is familiar with all structural systems, particularly reinforced concrete and composite steel framing.

Andrew attributes his love of historic preservation to his time spent on the $300 million Restoration and Rehabilitation Project of the Minnesota State Capitol; a several-year effort that wrapped up in 2017. He loved the challenge and problem-solving that was required, working on such an iconic structure.


  • Structural Assessments and Design
  • Retrofits and Rehabilitation
  • Historic Preservation Feasibility Studies
  • बांधकाम दस्तऐवज
  • Structural Detailing

  • बांधकाम

  • संकल्पनात्मक आरेखन

  • Structural 3D Modeling

  • BIM (Autodesk Revit)

  • EIFS Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Masonry; Mass and Cavity Wall Systems
  • Façades, Roofs, Waterproofing


University of Minnesota, Bachelor’s Civil Engineering, 2008

Office Location

मिनियापोलिस, MN