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John Williams has been with Lerch Bates since 2015. He is currently working in the Lerch Bates Global Support Center in Denver, Colorado providing vertical transportation analysis and design. Mr. Williams started his career as a geotechnical engineering technician and held positions as Special Inspector, Senior Inspector, and Project Manager at various offices in Colorado. He brought his construction industry experience to Lerch Bates in 2015 and served in roles as a Project Manager for several prominent national clients and as a Vertical Transportation Consultant for the Denver market. Mr. Williams has specialized in transit projects since 2020 and has focused his efforts on the QA/QC process of the contract documents for compliance with FTA guidelines and FTA State of Good Repair Evaluations.

विशेषज्ञता के क्षेत्र

  • Vertical Transportation Systems Studies
  • लंबवत परिवहन उपकरण के लिए डिजाइन और अनुबंध दस्तावेज
  • लंबवत परिवहन रखरखाव मूल्यांकन
  • FTA State of Good Repair Data Collection, Organization, and Presentation
  • QA/QC of Contract Documents according to FTA Guidelines

सम्बद्ध अनुभव

  • Capitol Expressway, BART, San Jose, CA
  • State of Good Repair Systemwide Assessment and Capitol Planner, MBTA, Boston, MA
  • Diridon Station, VTA, San Jose, CA
  • Downtown San Jose Station, VTA, San Jose, CA
  • Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overpass, San Jose, CA
  • Ripon Station, SJRRC, Ripon, CA
  • Concord Station, BART, Concord, CA
  • Gaylord Rockies Construction Administration, Aurora, CO
  • AT&T Audits and Modernization, various locations in CO, KS and WY
  • Santa Clara Station, VTA, San Jose, CA
  • Ptarmigan Place Modernization, Denver, CO
  • City of Colorado Springs Parking Garage Assessment, Colorado Springs, CO
  • KCMO Convention Center Modernizations, Kansas City, MO
  • University of Utah Student Success Building Assessments, Salt Lake City, UT


Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Colorado Boulder

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