Our Consultants average 27 years experience in their disciplines. Their knowledge and experience, along with a commitment to continuing education, place them in demand as authoritative resources within our industry. We are hands-on consultants and understand that the work we do has significant consequences to building owners and users.
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First Name Last Name Title Office Email
Jeff Ainsley Consultant Houston jeff.ainsley@lerchbates.com
Vincent Amato Consultant Atlanta vincent.amato@lerchbates.com
Kyle Apperson Consultant Seattle kyle.apperson@lerchbates.com
Scott Ayotte Consultant Minneapolis scott.ayotte@lerchbates.com
Rida Balyasnyy Project Manager New York rida.balyasnyy@lerchbates.com
Jeffrey Barber Consultant Logistics jeff.barber@lerchbates.com
Joey Bastelli Consultant Los Angeles joey.bastelli@lerchbates.com
Edson Batalla Associate Consultant - Facade West Seattle edson.batalla@lerchbates.com
Dan Bennett Consultant Seattle dan.bennett@lerchbates.com
Don Blackwood Consultant Dallas don.blackwood@lerchbates.com
Brian Boden Director - Market Development Dallas, Houston brian.boden@lerchbates.com
David Borchers Project Manager Columbus david.borchers@lerchbates.com
Joseph Braman Consultant New York joseph.braman@lerchbates.com
Garrett Brown Regional Manager Atlanta garrett.brown@lerchbates.com
Daniel Burke Consultant New York daniel.burke@lerchbates.com
Doyle Byler Consultant Houston doyle.byler@lerchbates.com
Davis Cao Consultant, Facade Access Shanghai davis.cao@lerchbates.com
Carl Cary Consultant Seattle carl.cary@lerchbates.com
Jeff Case Consultant Milwaukee jeff.case@lerchbates.com
Gus Castillo Project Manager Dallas gus.castillo@lerchbates.com
Bret Cavin Consultant Dallas bret.cavin@lerchbates.com
Peter Chicoine Consultant Chicago peter.chicoine@lerchbates.com
Theresa Christy Consultant Chicago theresa.christy@lerchbates.com
Todd Cina Consultant Minneapolis todd.cina@lerchbates.com
Nicholas Clark Project Manager Houston nicholas.clark@lerchbates.com
Dan Cook Consultant Tampa dan.cook@lerchbates.com
David Curtis Consultant Washington D.C. david.curtis@lerchbates.com
Giovanni D'Alessandro Consultant Boston giovanni.dalessandro@lerchbates.com
Manoj Davane Consultant Mumbai manoj.davane@lerchbates.com
Charlie Davis Consultant Washington D.C. charlie.davis@lerchbates.com
Caitlin DeBonis Project Manager Denver caitlin.debonis@lerchbates.com
Kenneth Dietz Area Vice President - West Las Vegas kenneth.dietz@lerchbates.com
Rob Dotson Consultant Tampa robert.dotson@lerchbates.com
David Doyle Regional Director United Kingdom - Midlands/West & South david.doyle@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Kyle Earnest Consultant Los Angeles kyle.earnest@lerchbates.com
Kevin Egli Regional Manager Seattle kevin.egli@lerchbates.com
Jacob Erwin Regional Manager Dallas jacob.erwin@lerchbates.com
Kevin Evans Regional Field Inspector Phoenix kevin.evans@lerchbates.com
Carl Faille Consultant Boston carl.faille@lerchbates.com
Stephen Fall Managing Director London, Dubai, Shanghai stephen.fall@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Frank Fang Managing Director Shanghai frank.fang@lerchbates.com
John Fatseas Director - Façade Access Denver john.fatseas@lerchbates.com
Craig Faux Consultant Miami craig.faux@lerchbates.com
Mark Fey Pneumatic Tube Consultant Atlanta mark.fey@lerchbates.com
Garrett Fink Consultant Atlanta garrett.fink@lerchbates.com
Todd Folden Consultant Seattle todd.folden@lerchbates.com
Steven Frame Consultant , Los Angeles steven.frame@lerchbates.com
Dan Freeman Consultant , Los Angeles dan.freeman@lerchbates.com
Charlie Geist Regional Manager Chicago charlie.geist@lerchbates.com
Dan Gosswiller Regional Manager Chicago dan.gosswiller@lerchbates.com
Seth Gresser Design Manager - Facade Access Chicago seth.gresser@lerchbates.com
Lee Gross Project Manager Atlanta lee.gross@lerchbates.com
Awni Haddad Consultant New York awni.haddad@lerchbates.com
Michael Hanson Regional Manager Grand Rapids michael.hanson@lerchbates.com
Greg Harris Consultant London greg.harris@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Heath Hayes Area Vice President - Central Columbus heath.hayes@lerchbates.com
Jason Hilton Regional Manager San Francisco jason.hilton@lerchbates.com
Steven Hobbs Consultant Seattle steven.hobbs@lerchbates.com
Thomas Hoffmann Consultant Chicago tom.hoffmann@lerchbates.com
Jim Hoppensteadt Consultant Chicago jim.hoppensteadt@lerchbates.com
Sean Howard Project Manager Los Angeles sean.howard@lerchbates.com
John Hudson Consultant Houston john.hudson@lerchbates.com
Mark Kasper Manager of Existing Buildings New York mark.kasper@lerchbates.com
Cleoh Knight Project Manager Houston cleoh.knight@lerchbates.com
Prashant Kulkarni Consultant Mumbai prashant.kulkarni@lerchbates.com
Michael Lagana Regional Manager Tampa michael.lagana@lerchbates.com
Sam Laudati Consultant Boston sam.laudati@lerchbates.com
Gary LeGrand Consultant Los Angeles gary.legrand@lerchbates.com
Yuexin Liao Consultant New York yuexin.liao@lerchbates.com
William Lippman Regional Manager Philadelphia william.lippman@lerchbates.com
David Long Consultant United Kingdom - North/Scotland david.long@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Christopher Lucchesi Consultant Nashville chris.lucchesi@lerchbates.com
Mike Lyon Consultant Washington D.C. michael.lyon@lerchbates.com
Christopher Manning New Development Director London chris.manning@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Nicole Marsh Project Manager Denver nicole.marsh@lerchbates.com
Dale McCaw Regional Manager Denver, Phoenix dale.mccaw@lerchbates.com
John McGirt Regional Manager Washington D.C. john.mcgirt@lerchbates.com
Thomas McMahan Consultant Chile thomas.mcmahan@lerchbates.com
Sugandh Ramchandra Modak Consultant Mumbai sugandh.modak@lerchbates.com
Bill Moore Consultant Columbus bill.moore@lerchbates.com
Tim Murk Area Vice President - East Miami tim.murk@lerchbates.com
Timothy Murphy General Manager - Southeast Atlanta timothy.murphy@lerchbates.com
Joseph Neto Area Vice President - New York New York joe.neto@lerchbates.com
David Nguyen Project Manager Dallas david.nguyen@lerchbates.com
Timothy O'Brien Consultant Chicago timothy.obrien@lerchbates.com
Ralph Pacheco Consultant Seattle ralph.pacheco@lerchbates.com
Alejandra Palacios Project Manager Denver alejandra.palacios@lerchbates.com
Arnold Pinkney Regional Manager - Facade Access West Las Vegas arnold.pinkney@lerchbates.com
Jeff Polizzi Associate New York jeff.polizzi@lerchbates.com
Jeremiah Potter Regional Manager Los Angeles jeremiah.potter@lerchbates.com
Christopher Rallo Consultant, Facade Access New York christopher.rallo@lerchbates.com
Ananthayya Rao Associate Mumbai av.rao@lerchbates.com
Richard Roberts Business Development Director, Middle East, Africa & Turkey Dubai richard.roberts@lerchbates.com
Adam Robinson Consultant Phoenix adam.robinson@lerchbates.com
Robert Roncaglio Project Manager New York robert.roncaglio@lerchbates.com
Hector Ruiz Project Manager New York hector.ruiz@lerchbates.com
Tim Russell Manager of Architectural Design New York, Jersey City tim.russell@lerchbates.com
Mickey Schultz Consultant New Orleans mickey.schultz@lerchbates.com
Steven Shanks Regional Manager Nashville steve.shanks@lerchbates.com
Mac Shipley Consultant Dallas mac.shipley@lerchbates.com
Andre Simon Consultant Washington D.C. andre.simon@lerchbates.com
Brian Skoczylas Director of Hospitality - HHR Phoenix brian.skoczylas@lerchbates.com
Drew Stephenson Project Manager Denver drew.stephenson@lerchbates.com
Brett Stratinsky Project Manager Chicago brett.stratinsky@lerchbates.com
Prabhakar Moreshwar Thakoor Consultant Mumbai pm.thakoor@lerchbates.com
Jim Thomas Consultant New York jim.thomas@lerchbates.com
John Thompson Consultant United Kingdom - North/Scotland john.thompson@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Mike Thompson Regional Manager Houston mike.thompson@lerchbates.com
Eric Tragash Regional Manager Boston eric.tragash@lerchbates.com
Thomas Unsinn Consultant New York tom.unsinn@lerchbates.com
Brett Vandegrift Consultant Philadelphia brett.vandegrift@lerchbates.com
Joshua Vanlandingham Project Manager Denver joshua.vanlandingham@lerchbates.com
Kevin Waite Consultant Denver kevin.waite@lerchbates.com
Patrick Welch Director - LB Transit Philadelphia patrick.welch@lerchbates.com
Stephanie Wickman Consultant Denver stephanie.wickman@lerchbates.com
Michael Williams Regional Manager - Facade Access East New York, Jersey City michael.williams@lerchbates.com
Frank Williams Consultant Ft. Lauderdale frank.williams@lerchbates.com
John Williams Consultant Denver john.williams@lerchbates.com
Spencer Williams Regional Manager Columbus spencer.williams@lerchbates.com
Stanley Zhao Regional Manager Shanghai stanley.zhao@lerchbates.com