Prabhakar Moreshwar Thakoor


Prabhakar Moreshwar Thakoor
Prabhakar Moreshwar Thakoor, Consultant
Mumbai 400005
Office: Mumbai
+91 22 22153740

P. M. Thakoor worked as a design department manager for Otis Elevator Co, LTD, India for 39 years. In this position, he has deigned high-speed and double Decker elevators and escalators for the KLCC (Twin Towers) in Malaysia, done machine room design as per IS/ASE codes, developed 3D software for elevator and escalator layouts, designed incline elevators, home elevators, hydraulic elevators, Trav-O-Lator, MRL Elevator, High speed passenger, freight and hospital elevators, 5-sided glass, round elevators and more. Currently, P. M. Thakoor is a technical consultant. He designs elevators, escalators, Trav-O-Lators, calculates rail forces and reactions with overhead, pit depth and machine room and prepares layout drawings in AutoCAD.