AIA/CES Programs 

Lerch Bates offers the following AIA/CES approved training programs for 1 Learning Unit each. All Lerch Bates facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills. In addition, they receive continuous in-depth training in the field and are considered industry experts.

Elevators: Technology & Design Guidelines

  • Existing and emerging elevator application technologies and  their impact on current architectural design practice
  • How an appropriate elevator system design is developed for a specific application
  • Inter-relationships between elevator hoisting layouts,   accessibility requirements and elev;ator systems(s) performance

Working with Machine-Room-Less Elevator( MRL) Systems

  • Elevator overview and the machine-room-less application
  • Benefits of MRL technology
  • Product overview
  • Design implications

An Introduction to Facade Access

  • Codes and standards that govern the facade access industry
  • Design considerations for the architect
  • Ground rigged systems and roof rigged systems
  • Fall protection systems and tie-in guides

Horizontal Transport in Healthcare Facilities

  • Current technologies
  • Evolving technologies
  • The type of equipment that should be designed into new healthcare facilities

International Lift Design Guidelines

  •  Insight into global vertical transportation solutions 
  • The differences in elevating buildings outside of the U.S. market 
  • Information on unique technology that is being used  internationally 
  • Examples of unique project vertical transportation solutions

Waste Management: Definition, Importance, and Sustainable Design

  • Educate individuals on Waste Management 
  • Broaden design personnel's understanding of the significance of Waste Management
  • Impact of Waste Management on sustainability 
  • Educate architect/owners regarding the impact of Waste Management operations and technological factors on facility planning

Elevator Modernization Expectations

  • Overview of different elevator technologies to better evaluate potential equipment modernization 
  • When and Why to modernize elevator equipment
  • Equipment scope considerations for modernizations 
  • Non-elevator scope considerations for modernizations

Understanding Elevator Analysis

  • The elevator designer's intent 
  • Terminology used to evaluate an elevator system design
  • Elevator analysis methodology 
  • Unique applications

 Service Docks; Operations and Design

  •  The significance of service docks 
  •  Types of operations and how service docks support them
  •  Analysis criteria used to determine space requirements and number of dock spaces 
  •  Design guidelines for service docks
  •  Service dock equipment considerations