Pedestrian Circulation

Complete Simulations From Sidewalk to Seat

Pedestrian Circulation

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Pedestrian Modeling for Optimised Performance

Some problems can’t be fixed post-construction. Avoid costly mistakes and optimise your building’s performance with pedestrian modeling that brings every traffic element to life in a real-world simulation. Manage crowd flow through turnstiles, security checkpoints and lift, escalator and stair use, and take advantage of point-of-sale opportunities for increased satisfaction with building vendors and tenants.

Lerch Bates is the only pedestrian circulation consultant with fully integrated vertical transportation that can simulate foot traffic flow beginning with points of entry and ending with their final destination.

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Prevent Costly Mistakes with Simulations Tailored to Your Asset


Venue Types:

  • Sport venue
  • Club venue
  • Mixed-use
  • Concert venues
  • Fairgrounds
  • Open-Air


Simulation Elements:

  • Turnstiles
  • Security checkpoints
  • Lifts, escalators, stairs
  • Food & Beverage/Concession
  • Entry/Exits
  • Wayfinding


At any building phase:

  • Design validation
  • Building repurposing
  • Building modernisation
  • Density planning
  • Occupancy or tenant change validation
  • Building optimisation
  • Post-construction flaw correction

Everything that humans create is designed to interact with, or be monitored by, other humans. This means that our individual perception of an experience is the most influential factor in decision making. If an experience is negative, we will tend to remember it more vividly. The pedestrian experience does not currently carry enough weight in modern architectural designs, and we intend to change that.

– Cameron Dargahi, Associate Consultant, Pedestrian Circulation