Enclosure Repair & Modernisation Services

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Enclosure Repair & Modernisation Services

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Finding the Right Solution for Your Building

Building enclosure and structural systems are vital to the performance of a sustainable building. Our Repair & Modernisation services specialize in assessment and design for enclosures and structures in need upgrades and modifications, or affected by deterioration, extreme weather, construction deficiencies or age. Our team’s focused experience in waterproofing, roofing, curtain wall, exterior claddings and structural systems will help address any of your building concerns.


Our nationwide network of experts understand the effects of the environment on the building envelopes and structures in various climate zones. We guide our clients through the process of diagnosing challenges, designing repairs and providing construction administration throughout the process.

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Elevating Your Facades to Maximise Building Performance



The first step in building rehabilitation is to gain an understanding of the underlying conditions and existing elements of the building. These building assessments can:

  • Diagnose specific issues related to air and water intrusion into the existing building enclosure
  • Provide property condition reports on the current condition recommended maintenance and replacement cycle
  • Contribute to CapEx studies, reserve studies and point of sale due diligence
  • Assess the building’s structure for the feasibility of proposed changes

Our recommendations inform the contractor to provide an initial estimate for the work required. Lerch Bates guides our clients through this initial phase to set the stage for repairs that fit the budget and maximise the benefit to the building. Click here to learn more about our Forensics specialty.



Lerch Bates prepares Construction Documents to address issues associated with the enclosure and structural systems, including:

  • A comprehensive property condition assessment
  • A report outlining scope of repair needed to restore the building systems affected
  • First-party signature as Designer of Record

Our Repair & Modernisation services address the building envelope and structural systems, including roof replacement, window replacement, masonry rehabilitation and building re-clad. Lerch Bates also assists our architecture clients as design consultant for complex enclosure and structural system modernisations. Click here to learn more about our comprehensive Design services.




Once construction is underway, Lerch Bates supports our clients throughout the bidding phase. Identifying the best team to execute the design on time and within the budget is essential to keep the project moving. Once the project is under contract, we transition into construction administration. During this phase, Lerch Bates can:

  • Review product and shop drawing submittals
  • Respond to questions and RFI’s
  • Participate in progress meetings
  • Conduct onsite quality assurance observations

This continued monitoring throughout construction allows our team to report on any observed construction that does not meet the intent of the design and provide solutions in real time. Lerch Bates remains involved until the project is complete to ensure our client’s investments are protected. Click here to find a full list of our construction quality assurance and testing services.

“On every project we work with Lerch Bates, their standard practices and project execution provide a unique and beneficial project relationship. From providing project quotes to jobsite implementation to finalised project documents, Lerch Bates excels throughout the duration of the project.”