Lerch Bates Continues Rapid Growth Plans with Addition of Hawck LLC

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After acquiring Pie Consulting & Engineering in 2020 and Axis Facades in 2021, Lerch Bates announced its continued growth with the addition of Hawck LLC today, expanding Lerch Bates’s enclosures, structures and forensic engineering business unit with new employees, clients and territory in Hawck’s headquarters state of Florida. Hawck’s existing employees will join Lerch Bates with no changes to staff or operations.

“Cindy Shaw and the Hawck Engineering team will provide additional capacity for Lerch Bates’s existing client portfolio to help us meet the needs of our insurance and attorney client base more efficiently while expanding our name and brand in a new way,” said Eric Rupe, president of Lerch Bates.

While Lerch Bates’s global brand is synonymous with vertical transportation (the firm was founded in 1947 as the first elevator consultancy in the U.S.), it has grown to become a powerhouse of deep technical expertise in building logistics, facade access, enclosures and structures, and forensics. Its unique pairing of these specialties with services that meet client needs across the entire lifecycle of a building – from design and construction to management and modernization -optimizes a structure’s performance to reduce total cost of operation and environmental impact.

Hawck, a forensic engineering and inspections firm, increases this depth of knowledge with additional forensic experts in Florida and adds a portfolio of new clients to Lerch Bates’s majority commercial client list. The team’s integration bolsters Lerch Bates’s increased focus in the southeast, where the company plans to dramatically expand its enclosures & structures, facade access and forensics presence in the next 12-18 months with additional staff and resources.

“This is a win-win for the team at Hawck and Lerch Bates,” said Cindy Shaw, president and principal engineer of Hawck, now director of operations at Lerch Bates. “My team and I have the opportunity to continue our professional growth as employee-owners of a much larger firm while retaining the close relationships we have with our existing clients.”

Lerch Bates, a 100-percent employee-owned company via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is actively hiring across the southeast and in other regions. To view current job openings, click here.

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