Expanded Enclosures, Facade Access and Forensic Expertise to the Southeast

Your trusted vertical transportation and building logistics experts are now your one-stop source for multidisciplinary expertise in designing, constructing and managing commercial real estate assets.

When 75-year vertical transportation consultancy Lerch Bates acquired three companies, the go-to name for technical expertise evolved to become a powerhouse of specialties and services. From risk management to ROI, sustainability to innovative solutions, the Lerch Bates suite of services simplifies your path to the best consultants in the industry.

Our local presence in D.C., Atlanta, the Carolinas and Florida provides convenient access to the technical expertise your projects demand.

Today’s buildings are more complex in design and construction as influenced by trends in new materials manufacturing, expanded design creativity and early-stage performance history. These factors compound the challenges of constructability and require a broader commitment to quality assurance. From mass timber and prefabricated facades to mixed-use occupancy analysis, our local team of experts can help you source ideal, state-of-the-art solutions to optimise your building’s performance.

Our specialties include: