Our Senior Consultants average 25 years experience in their disciplines and over 15 years with our firm. Their knowledge and experience, along with a commitment to continuing education, place them in demand as authoritative resources within our industry. We are hands-on consultants and understand that the work we do has significant consequences to building owners and users.

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Management Team
First Name Last Name Title Office Email
Alyssa McGrath Director of Strategic Accounts Boston alyssa.mcgrath@LerchBates.com
Amanda Nelson Human Resources Director Denver amanda.nelson@lerchbates.com
Amit Maitra Managing Director Mumbai amit.maitra@lerchbates.com
Anna Lisica Regional Controller New York anna.lisica@lerchbates.com
Annie Feiler Assistant to the President Denver annie.feiler@lerchbates.com
Bart Stephan CEO/President Denver bart.stephan@lerchbates.com
Bryan Hines Vice President Bowie bryan.hines@lerchbates.com
Charles Gutowski Vice President New York charles.gutowski@lerchbates.com
Chris Jones Director of Information Technology Denver chris.jones@lerchbates.com
Christopher Manning New Development Director London Chris.Manning@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Debbie Greufe Accouting Manager Denver debbie.greufe@lerchbates.com
Eric Rupe Executive Vice President Chicago eric.rupe@lerchbates.com
Ivy Klusmeier Business Manager Denver ivy.klusmeier@lerchbates.com
James Turner Vice President Chicago jim.turner@lerchbates.com
Jay Popp Executive Vice President, International Denver jay.popp@lerchbates.com
Jay Harris Risk Manager Denver jay.harris@lerchbates.com
Jeff Marsh Executive Vice President, Architectural Design Atlanta jeff.marsh@lerchbates.com
Jeffrey Schultz Executive Vice President Denver jeff.schultz@lerchbates.com
Joe Gibson Area Vice President Henderson NV joe.gibson@lerchbates.com
John Tornquist Jr. Executive Vice President, Technical Support Denver jack.tornquist@lerchbates.com
John Arther Chief Financial Officer Denver john.arther@lerchbates.com
John Quinn Vice President New York john.quinn@lerchbates.co
Joseph Neto Vice President New York joe.neto@lerchbates.com
Julie Haehnlein Business Manager Tampa julie.haehnlein@lerchbates.com
Keenan Potter Managing Director Shanghai keenan.potter@lerchbates.com
Kurt Davis Design Manager Denver kurt.davis@lerchbates.com
Lance McMasters Vice President Facade Access lance.mcmasters@lerchbates.com
Mariusz Grabowski Director of Inspections and Testing New York mariusz.grabowski@lerchbates.com
Marquita Rose Business Manager Denver marquita.rose@lerchbates.com
Pervin Das Gupta Associate Director Mumbai pervin.dasgupta@lerchbates.com
Raj Bajaaj Chairman Mumbai raj.bajaaj@in.lerchbates.com
Richard Roberts Business Development Director, Middle East, Africa & Turkey Dubai richard.roberts@lerchbates.com
Robert Baker Business Line Manager, Logistics Consulting Group Washington D.C. robert.baker@lerchbates.com
Scott Neelley Controller Denver scott.neelley@lerchbates.com
Stephen Fall, Dubai Dubai stephen.fall@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Stephen Fall Managing Director London stephen.fall@dewarpartnership.co.uk
Tim Isbell Vice President Dallas tim.isbell@lerchbates.com
Tim Murk Vice President Coral Springs tim.murk@lerchbates.com