The elevators, escalators and moving walkways within transit facilities are critical to any transportation center.

For decades, Lerch Bates Inc. has provided transit authorities and providers with our experience in designing and maintaining all of their facilities’ vertical and horizontal transportation systems. Our experts partner with major public transportation entities, such as Boston’s MBTA and the Los Angeles LAMTA to ensure their systems are reliable and dependable with minimal downtime. 

Since 1947 Lerch Bates has been providing insight into all facets of design and modernization of systems and equipment, bringing to light the most innovative and sustainable options available today. For existing infrastructure, we act as an unbiased third party, helping to build a maintenance plan around our client’s operation. Ultimately our work results in significantly improved equipment availability, better vendor-client relationships and greater passenger satisfaction.

With our international reach, Lerch Bates provides comprehensive geographic coverage. Our transit team has immediate access to our vast pool of experts in multiple practice areas: elevator consulting, façade access and logistics.

Lerch Bates provides consulting services to all types of transit facilities:

  • Subway Stations
  • Railway Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Airports
  • Docks and Seaports
  • Highway Systems