Retail Elevator & Building Design 

Flexibility is often a primary goal of developers and designers of commercial and retail facilities.  Making certain that properties will meet the needs of existing or prospective tenants, workers and shoppers is vital, as is the flexibility to expand and remodel for new uses.

Lerch Bates consults on the way buildings interact with people. Our knowledge of all the basics of pedestrian circulation and design fundamentals for these types of developments means we can add value quickly to your project ensuring it meets all the fundamentals right from the concept planning stage.  This insight is used to consult on all facets of design, maintenance and sustainability with an eye to potential future demands and attention to the management of operational costs.  When modernization is needed.  Lerch Bates provides practical options for systems and their maintenance, never forgetting the balance of style and function and the need to keep buildings attracting tenants and shoppers.