Commercial Elevator & Escalator Services

Around the globe we learn of construction underway on the next “world’s tallest building.”  Not only are these structures reaching further into the sky, they are buildings of incredibly interesting architecture.  High rise buildings add valuable real estate to the cities where they are being built and bring with them widespread interest from potential tenants and visitors.

Lerch Bates has provided design services on many of these iconic developments with special focus on the building user and their interaction with the building.  Our elevator consulting services bring expertise in consulting, engineering and technology to the design and management of vertical transportation systems.
We focus upon adding value to the design by balancing the often competing factors of space efficiency, performance, capital cost, architectural integration and ease of use.

In working closely with architects and developers we have a keen sense of the need to find solutions that meet everyone’s goals and, in that way, ensure a winning solution for architect, developer, building management and user alike. Having a prestigious high rise address and living or working on the top floors is a priority for some people.  Getting people to the top of those buildings with an efficient, reliable elevator system is our objective for you.