Elevator and Escalator Design Services

Elevator and escalator systems age in phases. Whether you are starting a new building development, 10 years into the operations phase on an existing building, or looking at the end of the lifecycle, Lerch Bates has the solution to fit your needs.

1. Design Phase

Our solutions are designed to optimize core utilization, resolve implementation issues, and account for future considerations. This services are critical to both the project development success and ongoing operation of the building.

Architectural Design Services

  • Vertical Transportation Services
  • Façade Access Services
  • Logistics Services

2. Operations Phase

Proper maintenance is critical in realizing the full value and performance of the elevator and escalator system investment. Changes to the system to incorporate new functionality and deal with code compliance and equipment obsolescence will be ongoing considerations. Productive relationships with elevator service providers throughout is important.

Maintenance Management Services

  • Maintenance Agreement Services
  • Contractor Oversight Services
  • Asset Management Services

3. Modernization Phase

At some point, the elevator and escalator system will reach the end of its useful life. The performance will fail to meet building occupant or owner expectations, and the cost to maintain the system will become unsustainable. Anticipating and planning for this situation, and properly managing this highly disruptive process, is critical in executing a successful elevator and escalator system modernization project.

Modernization Services

  • Requirements Capture and Design Services
  • Bid, Negotiation, and Award Services
  • Construction Administration Services