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The City of Angels is famous for more than just Hollywood and the movies. Los Angeles’ architectural history is rich with many styles and themes being represented during the past century. The American Craftsman style can be seen in the Gamble House, a beautiful, handmade bungalow. L.A.’s City Hall is a stunning example of the Art Deco period, where sharp, geometric shapes and appealing colors were featured. A current trend gripping the Los Angeles scene at the moment is architecture from what now is referred to as Midcentury Modern, the timeframe starting in the 1940’s through the 60’s. No matter what kind of building design strikes your fancy, Los Angeles has something for everyone. 

Elevator and Escalator Design & Facade Access Consulting Services In Los Angeles, CA.

Elevators and escalators are critical to the success of any commercial building. Not only do they move people from point A to point B, but they also play a big role in the favorable perceptions that a structure has by its tenants and visitors. The highly knowledgeable team at Lerch Bates has more than seven decades of experience in the elevator/escalator industry. Since opening our doors in 1947, we have provided the best vertical transportation and façade access consultation services in the industry. We have vast experience in a wide range of buildings and industries, such as residential, hotel, retail, education, healthcare, commercial, casinos, government, sports stadiums and transportation. Lerch Bates is proud to offer the following escalator/elevator services in the Los Angeles area.

Design Services

Our design team specializes in maximizing performance, efficiency, aesthetics and durability in all of our work. We are pleased to offer our services in the following areas of elevator/escalator design.

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design
  • Design Change Evolution
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding & Negotiation Consulting
  • Start To Finish Project Management

Operations Management

A proactive maintenance program is essential for vertical transportation systems that are under heavy and continuous use. In light of this, it is critical that building management staff establish dependable business relationships with qualified maintenance contractors. Let us put our many years of experience to work in helping you secure top quality contractor agreements.

  • Maintenance Agreement Services
  • Contractor Oversight Services
  • Asset Management Services

Modernization Services

All transportation systems eventually will need to be replaced, due to wear or obsolescence. In addition, as equipment ages, it gets costlier each year to maintain it. When it comes time to replace your escalator/elevator system, you can count on the team at Lerch Bates to streamline the process for you. Our modernization services are unmatched in the industry.

Our services include:

  • Requirements Capture & Design Services
  • Bid, Negotiation & Award Services
  • Construction Administration Services

For more information on our services in Los Angeles, CA, please do not hesitate to request a consultation or get in contact with one of our consultants below!

Since 1947, many clients have become our valued friends. Lerch Bates consultants are employee owners who share their expertise and innovation. Our Senior Consultants average 25 years of experience