Dewar Partnership Ltd. is a full-service lift and escalator consultancy firm specialising in providing integrated vertical transportation advice and project management services. We provide lift and escalator consultant services across the commercial, leisure, financial, retail, education, health, transport and aviation markets throughout the UK and globally for a range of public and private sector clients. 

A successful building keeps the vertical transportation management behind the scenes so that building users can easily use a lift or escalator without worry or inconvenience. Our client focused approach to vertical transportation design, modernisation, project management, vertical transportation portfolio management, statutory and condition inspection services, and maintenance management helps our clients ensure their lifts and escalators are always in good working order, and we work to provide design, inspections, and management services to keep the important vertical transportation building services operating efficiently, smoothly, and safely. 

Dewar Partnership is a division of the Lerch Bates Inc. family of companies headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. 

Since 1947, many clients have become our valued friends. Lerch Bates consultants are employee owners who share their expertise and innovation. Our Senior Consultants average 25 years of experience