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Nestled along the Rocky Mountains, Denver, CO is home to over 720,000 people and is the most populated city in the nine-state “Mountain West” region. Nicknamed the “Mile High City” because of its elevation above sea level, local architecture rises above. Denver’s downtown skyscrapers house world-wide economic leaders. Republic Plaza is the tallest building in the city, standing at over 717 feet and is the site of an annual 56-story stair climb. The Wells Fargo “Cash Register Building” is Denver’s most famous and noticeable skyscraper because of the way the top floors of the facility curve to resemble an antique cash register. The city has also retained more historic buildings like the Colorado State Capitol Building and the clock tower of the now demolished Daniels and Fisher Department Store. The clock tower remains as a venue for many events and is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Denver Elevator Consultants

Façade Access Consulting

Vertical transportation systems are used every day by tenants and visitors in facilities around the world. At Lerch Bates, we are experienced Denver elevator and escalator consultants who provide comprehensive services to clients with buildings, big and small. Our team incorporates over seven decades of industry experience during the completion of every project. We offer design, engineering, maintenance and inspection services to all of our valued customers. In addition to our vertical transportation services, we are also expert façade access consultants. We have developed solutions for a wide variety of professional buildings including commercial, government, transportation, hotel, retail, healthcare, residential, athletics and casinos. Learn more about all of our consulting services, below.


Durability, space efficiency, visual appeal and maximum performance are elements at the center of every project undertaken by Lerch Bates. We are expert elevator, escalator and façade access consultants who provide our expertise throughout these areas of the design process:

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design
  • Design Change Evolution
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding & Negotiation Consulting
  • Start To Finish Project Management

Operations Management

It’s vital that proactive maintenance is performed on heavily used vertical transportation systems in order for them to remain viable and functioning at top performance. Relationships must be maintained with dependable contractors by operations management staff so that assistance can be provided in a timely manner. We use our experience at Lerch Bates to help our clients obtain numerous types of repair contracts:

  • Maintenance Agreement Services
  • Contractor Oversight Services
  • Asset Management Services

Modernization Services

Elevator and escalator systems will age and eventually require replacement, due to wear, unavailability of parts or the need for new machines. It becomes more difficult to find replacement implements for vertical transportation equipment as it gets older. The professionals at Lerch Bates incorporate over seven decades of industry-leading experience to guide you through the equipment modernization process. We provide the following process management solutions for our clients:

  • Requirements Capture & Design Services
  • Bid, Negotiation & Award Services
  • Construction Administration Services

Premier Denver Elevator Company

Lerch Bates is located just south of the city and can conveniently be found near Interstate 25. As trusted Denver elevator, escalator and façade access consultants, a wide variety of businesses, organizations and entities in the region have turned to us for professional services. Our team is proud to have helped so many groups complete projects in a timely manner and we can help you too. Find out more about our services and request a consultation or contact us for additional information.

Since 1947, many clients have become our valued friends. Lerch Bates consultants are employee owners who share their expertise and innovation. Our Senior Consultants average 25 years of experience