Charlotte, NC

As the largest metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina, Charlotte has more than two dozen high-rise buildings that are at least 300 feet tall. The city’s first skyscraper was the Independence Building, which was constructed in 1909. The structure was 186 feet tall, with 14 floors. The Independence Building was a fixture in Charlotte until it was demolished in 1981 to make way for the 101 Independence Center complex. Today the tallest structure in the city is the Bank of America Plaza, which was completed in 1974 and stands at 871 feet.

Elevator & Escalator Design & Consulting Services In Charlotte Facade Access Consulting

The elevator and escalator systems in any building play a significant role in the overall success and utility of a structure. Not only do they take people from one location to another, but vertical transportation systems also help to create a positive impression of a building in the minds of those who live or work there. Since 1947, Lerch Bates has been providing the finest elevator/escalator and façade access consulting services in the industry. We are proud to have worked with the management teams of some of Charlotte’s most prestigious buildings. Over the years, we have provided our services to a vast number of industries, including retail, hotel, government, residential, gaming, sports, education, transportation, healthcare and entertainment. Lerch Bates is proud to offer the following elevator/escalator consultation services in the Charlotte area.


Our design work concentrates on optimizing performance, durability and space efficiency. We offer expert consultation in these areas of the design process.

  • Conceptual & Schematic Design
  • Design Change Evolution
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding & Negotiation Consulting
  • Start To Finish Project Management

Operations Management

Vertical transportation systems that are in heavy use will always be in need of preventive maintenance in order to keep them operating at top performance. It is crucial that building owners or management companies have dependable contractors in place to provide these services. The team at Lerch Bates has many years of experience assisting our clients secure top quality maintenance/repair services.

  • Maintenance Agreement Services
  • Contractor Oversight Services
  • Asset Management Services

Modernization Services

In time, all escalator/elevator equipment will need to be replaced as a result of wear. In addition, as these systems age, they become more difficult and expensive to maintain. When the time comes to replace your structure’s vertical transportation systems, you can rely on the dedicated professionals at Lerch Bates to efficiently manage the entire project.

  • Requirements Capture & Design Services
  • Bid, Negotiation & Award Services
  • Construction Administration Services

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Since 1947, many clients have become our valued friends. Lerch Bates consultants are employee owners who share their expertise and innovation. Our Senior Consultants average 25 years of experience