Other Services


Using our own in-house developed software, we generate theoretical traffic analyses on proposed and existing elevator systems. During the Schematic Design phase of a new construction project, we assist the Architects and Developers to determine the optional Vertical Transportation solutions for their needs. We gather the proposed building design criteria and anticipated occupancy (type and volume) to determine the proper size (capacity) and speed of the elevators in order to meet current industry standards with respect to desired interval times and average waiting times.

For proposed alterations to existing elevator systems (change in service, stacking plan, populations, etc.), we provide our clients with an analysis of the existing Vertical Transportation system based on current design in comparison to the effects of the proposed alteration.


Lerch Bates - New York Consultant can hard-wire our own computerized traffic analyzer onto an existing Group panel. The analyzer gathers actual input signals from each individual hall button, thus capturing every individual hall call for the duration of the study. The data is downloaded and brought back to our office where we compile the data, generate graphs and summarize the information gathered.


We provide expert witness testimony, including any necessary visual aids or drawings. We also provide incident evaluation reports.


We provide expediting services at the New York City Department of Buildings, including the process to obtain necessary documents in order to dismiss violations, obtain permits, sign-offs, etc.