New Construction/Modernization



Lerch Bates - New York has been writing design specifications for the installation and modernization of elevators and escalators for over thirrty (30) years. Our specifications are custom tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients. The detail in our specifications allows our clients to receive comprehensive and competitive bids from the selected vendors. Our specifications cover all current code requirements to ensure that upon completion, the vertical transportation systems will be in full code compliance. We also provide information regarding elevator-related work required by other trades.

Our specifications can be generated to match any Architect’s format and incorporated into their Construction Documents or can stand alone as an independent Vertical Transportation bid package.


All elevator machine room layouts, hoistway plans and sections and pit plans are created by our own design team using the latest version of AutoCAD. These drawings are combined with the specifications to create a comprehensive bid package for any installation.



Lerch Bates - New York provides Construction Management support to our clients for the new installation and modernization of all vertical transportation systems. Our Project Managers and Consultants provide site visits and attend project meetings to ensure that the projects run smoothly and according to schedule. We report to the General Contractor and/or Owner to disclose our findings, allowing everyone involved to be informed of any obstacles that may occur on the job and to take any necessary actions immediately to avoid costly delays.


Lerch Bates - New York
 will review all submittals from the Elevator Contractor including permits, samples, fixture drawings, cab drawings and all elevator machine room, hoistway and pit drawings. Our Project Manager will provide comments for all submittals and return to the Architect, General Contractor and/or Owner.


Upon completion of each device, our Consultants perform a comprehensive Acceptance and Performance Inspection of the entire device to ensure that the installation was performed as per our specifications (materials, design and performance criteria) as well as all safety codes. A punch list is submitted to the General Contractor and/or Owner, itemizing all deficiencies found from the Elevator Contractor as well as items from other trades that are directly related to the project.


Upon completion of the entire installation, we provide a Final Acceptance Inspection. We review our punch lists to ensure all items have been addressed. We perform final ride quality inspections to ensure that all components are operating as designed and that there are no squeaks or vibrations noticeable to the public. We also perform visual inspections to ensure that all areas have been properly cleaned, painted and finished.

Upon completion of the entire project, we obtain sign-off documentation from the Elevator Contractor that was administered by the necessary authorities. Subsequently, upon completion of items indicated on our final punchlist to be performed by the Elevator Contractor, we provide a letter to our client indicating that the job has been completed to our satisfaction and recommend the release of final payment to the Elevator Contractor.