Evaluations, Inspections & Tests


Lerch Bates - New York will provide a detailed report indicating our view of the Maintenance program, the condition of the existing Equipment and the results of our Performance evaluation, with respect to the entire Vertical Transportation System.

The Evaluation Report will include an Executive Summary, highlighting the major issues that need to be addressed. Also included are speed graphs and performance charts to serve as visual aides, indicating the results of the Performance Evaluation.

Lerch Bates - New York clearly indicates any deficiencies that may exist and makes the necessary recommendations to correct all deficiencies.


Lerch Bates - New York produces printouts of the building profiles from the NYC Department of Buildings to verify all devices required to be tested and filed with the Elevator Division of the NYC Department of Buildings.

We provide Elevator Inspectors licensed by the New York City Department of Buildings in order to witness the mandated inspections and tests with respect to ASME and as required by the current New York City Building Code. Our experts will administer the entire tests to ensure that the inspections and tests are performed as required by code.

We produce the Inspection Test Reports required to be submitted to the NYC Department of Buildings based on our findings during the mandated safety tests. We will expedite all documents and filing fees necessary to ensure full code compliance.


Lerch Bates - New York performs due diligence surveys of the entire vertical transportation systems of existing buildings and submit a complete, detailed report outlining the conditions of the existing equipment. We provide a list of the major components that make up the vertical transportation systems of each elevator bank, escalators, etc., including manufacturer, model and vintage. We evaluate the existing vertical transportation equipment with regards to ADA compliance, including elevator cab interiors, corridor call button fixtures, elevator communication systems and signaling. We evaluate the condition of the existing vertical transportation equipment to determine their life expectancy, recommendations for future upgrades and costs associated with the related upgrades.