About Us

For over thirty (30) years, Lerch Bates - New York has been providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and expertise that they know they can depend on.
Our technical expertise and experience allows Lerch Bates - New York. to design the proper Vertical Transportation Systems that suit our clients’ needs. Working closely with Architects and Developers allows our Consultants to gather enough information to produce our own computer-generated reports, design documents and layout drawing (using AutoCAD) that can determine optimum Vertical Transportation solutions.
Our experienced Consultants monitor the installations of all new and modernized vertical transportation equipment, followed by an exhaustive Acceptance Test and Performance Evaluation.
All Lerch Bates - New York Consultants have the latest technology in elevator and escalator inspection equipment and possess precise knowledge of the latest New York City Department of Buildings, ANSI/ASME, and ADA Codes and requirements. All of our Consultants are licensed by the NYC Department of Buildings, the State of New Jersey and/or QEI Certified.
It is the vast experience and extraordinary talent of our Consultants and Administrative staff that separate Lerch Bates - New York from the rest of the Vertical Transportation Consulting Industry.