Building Maintenance Equipment Services (BMES)


Lerch Bates Building Maintenance Equipment Services (BMES) provides inspections, testing, maintenance, repair and installation of building maintenance equipment.
As a leader in the design of exterior building maintenance equipment throughout the world for more than 30 years, Lerch Bates’ innovative, proven methods for testing building maintenance equipment ensure the safety and longevity of the building, while remaining compliant with OSHA regulations and industry standards. Lerch Bates BMES also provides clients with documentation management, training, equipment commissioning and general consulting services.


Lerch Bates BMES is uniquely qualified to assist building owners and managers with building maintenance services needs:
●     Drive best practices for safety at height
●     Satisfy OSHA inspection and documentation requirements
●     Keep building maintenance on schedule
●     Ensure safe and reliable operation through preventive maintenance and repair
●     Protect owners against bad publicity from visible incidents
●     Streamline support of façade maintenance and cleaning objectives with a single, trusted provider
●     Provide full portfolio management on a national level with local teams across the country



Safety at heights is our specific focus, and we have become the go-to resource by providing:
●     Proper training
●     Inspections (30-day and annual)
●     Load testing
●     Preventive maintenance and repairs
●     Retrofit services
●     Proper documentation
●     Meeting or exceeding current OSHA and ANSI requirements


Lerch Bates BMES always makes safety at height our top priority, and in doing so, protects our clients’ investments as building owners and managers and reduces liability.
●     Ensure reliable operation of equipment for the timeliness of maintenance activities
●     Protection against bad publicity from visible incidents
●     Remain compliant with OSHA inspection and documentation requirements
●     Streamline support of façade maintenance and cleaning objectives with a single, trusted provider


Let’s work together to ensure the safety, aesthetics and longevity of the building. BMES will provide load testing and inspection services to allow building owners and managers to remain compliant with the following regulations and standards:
●     OSHA 1910.66
●     ASME A120.1
●     IWCA 1-14.1
●     Local and state standards such as, but not limited to, Cal/OSHA, NYSDOL, City of Chicago, etc.

WHITEPAPER: 4 Requirements Every Building Owner Should Know About Building Maintenance
In 2017, OSHA revised the Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment standards that affect every building owner regarding their Building Maintenance Equipment. Are you still compliant? Download our guide for full details.


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