Bart Stephan


Bart Stephan
Bart Stephan, CEO
9780 S. Meridian Boulevard Suite 450
Englewood, CO 80112
Office: Denver

Bart Stephan joined the firm in 2005 as President and CEO bringing 25 years experience in sales, marketing and senior level management in the elevator consulting industry. His expertise and industry knowledge is valuable as he guides the firm to meet its mission of global leadership as a consulting services firm dedicated to excellence in design and management of building systems; including vertical and horizontal transportation, materials management, façade access and physical plant. Additionally, Bart is committed to providing clients with innovative, sustainable solutions while demonstrating professionalism and integrity. He is also dedicated to continually develop the skills of Lerch Bates employees and maximize quality of life through strong leadership, personal growth opportunities, a desirable working environment and service to the community. Bart spent many years with KONE, including in Belgium as the first American corporate officer offered an international assignment. He was responsible for the creation of new global service produces for KONE’s $1.5B Global Service Business and worked with company presidents and managing directors in 70 international markets. His broad international experience is supported by a degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Iowa and, through KONE Executive Development, MBA program studies at the London School of Business and Columbia Business School in New York.