Nigel Twogood


Nigel Twogood
Nigel Twogood, Regional Manager
Calgary T2C 2X5
Office: Calgary

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Nigel Twogood has 44 years of experience in the Elevator Industry and has been an owner-employee of Lerch Bates Inc., the largest independent elevator consulting firm in the world, since 2005. His strength in analytical thinking has achieved great success in many projects where the design and subsequent installation of new vertical transportation systems, based on safe, efficient and reliable operation, is required. Nigel has extensive experience in working with Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Health Services, in particular, and has provided many services varying from site analysis to cost budgeting to specification drafting to project managing. The successful design and configuration of elevator modernizations, both big and small, is another of Nigel’s strengths. His status as an elevator Safety Codes Officer ensures safety and Code compliance are prime considerations in all aspects of our designs.