David Nguyen


David Nguyen
David Nguyen, Project Manager
Bryan Tower
2001 Bryan Street, Suite 1930
Dallas, TX 75201
Office: Dallas

David Nguyen joined Lerch Bates in early 2018 after 7 years of Elevator Mechanical Engineering which supported the Kone branches nationwide. His experience working with these branches are valuable as it brings thorough understanding of the design group, code, and the right form, fit, and function of VT equipment being applied in this world. A fast paced detailed oriented individual with strong problem solving skills enables David to provide guidance to the Architectural Design and some Existing Building communities in appealing time. It is in his blood to be fascinated with the mechanical /electro industry, but takes the time to understand the logical, financial, and ideology of the application to market. He takes pride in communicating these applications to the customers so understanding and relationships are strengthened. Along with several machine tool design classes, David obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Western Illinois University in Engineering which gave him the resources to understand quality design throughout the VT world.