Don Blackwood


Don Blackwood
Don Blackwood, Consultant
Bryan Tower
2001 Bryan Street, Suite 1930
Dallas, TX 75201
Office: Dallas

Don joined the Lerch Bates family in 2015 bringing with him an unrivaled wealth of experience and expertise obtained during his 43 years with Otis Elevator. Beginning on the service side of the industry as a technician in the Dallas area in 1972, Don played an active role in most every facet of field operations including decades spent in operations supervision and management in the North Texas and Albuquerque, NM markets. Don is an excellent advocate for our clients due to an unmatched level of respect from the industry as a result of his tenure and the professional manner with which he conducts himself. A lifelong learner, Don possesses a broad range of industry knowledge and continues to pass on his passion and expertise in an effort to inspire future excellence in the industry as an instructor for the past 10 years for the North Texas arm of NEIEP, the elevator technician apprenticeship training program. In addition to superior elevator industry knowledge, Don brings to his clients an expertise in elevator Code as he holds a license as a Qualified Elevator Inspector for the State of Texas, a license he first obtained in 1993. An example of doing things the right way, Don delivers for his clients an unmatched level of advocacy as their elevator expert.