Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Management Services

The elevator world is changing. Challenging labor markets, margin pressures, and strength of economies mean elevator companies are overextended. This can mean slow technician response times, deferred maintenance, elevator and escalator performance suffering, and extended “out of service” times.

Ineffective maintenance also hurts your investment. Improper inspection and/or maintenance reduces an elevator’s lifespan, missed repairs cause shutdowns, entrapments and increased liability/risk, inaccurate billing costs an additional 40% per year, and proposals from your elevator company can be 2-3x market price. In fact, inadequate service agreements can result in 25% additional cost.

Whether it’s the constant issues with your elevator or escalator system, a frustrating relationship with your service company, or unexpected costs and invoices related to maintenance, vertical transportation can be a drain on your time, energy and budget.

Best of all, Lerch Bates clients benefit from our real-time Maintenance Management client dashboard, where you can see activities live to track progress, see real-time ROI, and manage record keeping.

Protect Your Investment

With Lerch Bates Maintenance Management Services, you can expect improved experience and perception of your building, an optimized service agreement, correct and expected invoicing, an improved relationship with your service provider, and peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. We work with building owners on the three critical components of maintenance management:

Maintenance Agreement

The elevator Maintenance Agreement is the basis for the long-term success of your elevator and escalator system, and to the cost and performance impact of maintaining that system over its useful life. We are often asked for advice from clients who are frustrated with their current service provider and simply want “someone new” to be performing that work. In most cases, that frustration has less to do with the provider, and far more to do with a service agreement that creates to much ambiguity and lacks clear performance expectations. We deliver these solutions through a group of services that include a client discovery, requirements development, elevator service packaging, bid management, award recommendation, and contract support.

Contractor Oversight

We want you to get what you are paying for and protect the long term value of your elevator and escalator investment. Our Contractor Oversight service includes maintenance audits, deficiency listing and contractor resolution, KPI development and management, monthly maintenance invoice review, and incident escalation.

Asset Management

Over the time you own or manage a building there are special activities related to your elevators that will occur. Lerch Bates will be there to assist during these special circumstances, including proposal reviews, capital planning, code compliance and obsolescence planning and management. Stay on track, even during special circumstances.