Stuart Beard


Stuart Beard
Stuart Beard, Consultant
London WD6 3FG
Office: London
+440 203 1512088

Stuart Beard has over twenty-six years of experience in the vertical transportation industry. He developed in-depth knowledge of all aspects of vertical transportation as he worked his way up from the  apprentice level. Experienced in engineering, sales, project management, cost accounting, and general management, Stuart’s specialty is project management in live environments and he deftly addresses all the unique requirements for successful project management in places such as railways stations, retail, construction sites, hospitals, and universities. Successfully delivering safe lift projects on time and within budget with minimal disruption to the tenants and building users is his highest priority. Stuart has been involved in managing branch and regional operations. This work requires recognition of customer needs over many sites. Stuart understands all the roles lifts play as part of the essential infrastructure and delivers projects with the highest standards for workmanship and safety.