Biemen Botros

Project Manager


About Biemen

Biemen Botros is the project manager for the existing building for the New York Region of Lerch Bates. He serves as a valuable point of contact for those associated with ongoing projects. Tracking client issues and seeking resolve, he helps solve an array of issues utilizing his engineering background and critical-thinking skills—proving valuable to Lerch Bates and their associates. He takes personal accountability and initiative in getting the job done. His role involves participation in many of the New York region projects from Requests for Proposals to Final Review, including Data-Analysis, Specifications, Attending/Hosting meetings, Maintenance Audits, Drawing Examination, Invoice Review, and Performance Evaluations, among many others.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vertical Transportation Systems and Studies
  • Vertical Transportation Design, Contract Documents, and Construction Services
  • Vertical Transportation Maintenance Evaluations
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Maintenance Management
  • Serving as liaison between Consultant and Client, responding timely to client request and inquiries, facilitating the client’s expectations and needs, assisting with resolving challenges relating to vertical transportation as an advocate for the client.

Related Experience

  • The School of Visual Arts Audit – New York, NY
  • Manhattan West South East Tower New Design – New York, NY
  • Yankee Stadium & DeKalb Avenue Train New Design – New York, NY
  • 100 Wall Street Maintenance Specification – New York, NY
  • 1 & 2 UN Plaza – Port Upgrade – New York, NY
  • 1775 York Avenue – Modernization – New York, NY
  • 175 West 60th Street Maintenance Specification – New York, NY
  • 40 Park Avenue Modernization – New York, NY
  • 500 East 77th Street Maintenance, Evaluation & Performance – New York, NY
  • 20 Rockefeller Plaza Maintenance Management – New York, NY
  • 80 Pine Street Lobby Renovation – New York, NY
  • Staten Island Mall Modernization – Staten Island, NY
  • USA Permanent Housing Multiple Locations Audit – New York, NY
  • The Conrad Hotel Modernization – New York, NY
  • 1585 Broadway VTC – New York, NY
  • 312 Eleventh Ave Maintenance Management – New York, NY
  • 1 Broadway Modernization – New York, NY
  • Lexington Hotel Modernization – New York, NY
  • Essex Plaza Multiple Location Modernization – Newark, NJ
  • 125 Broad Street Modernization – New York, NY
  • Hilton Newark Airport Modernization – New York, NY
  • 241 Central Park West Modernization – New York

Licenses & Certifications

OSHA 30 – Hour Construction


New Jersey Institute of Technology
Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, 2022

Office Location

New York City, NY

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